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Art Illustration Update - Print Series

Artwork by Letitia Cruz

This is Silent Spring, the spring 2016 edition of my Seasonal Print Series. This is also the final piece in this series, and will be discontinued in June.

I work full time as a financial marketer and spend most of my down time working on side projects and on my own writing and art. My side projects are things I love, but none of them are financially profitable. In order to reach my goal of total #financialfreedom (which is important to me so that I can take EXTENDED HIKING TRIPS without bill collectors coming after me), I’m kicking my game into high gear and taking on a second job, evenings and weekends.

This basically means I will be significantly less social (yes, even more so) and will have less time to focus on side projects. If we are actively engaged in a project, please do not worry. I’m still here. Just be patient, and if you don’t hear from me (and need to reach me about deadlines/revisions/new ideas, or because it’s been months and you’re like WTF?), please email me. I may not respond immediately, but I will respond.

All new commissions are closed. Prints of “Silent Spring” will be available through my Society6 shop beginning on Saturday.

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