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The Witch On 6th

I have lived in Florida for over 30 years now. I'm forever inspired by the lowlands, waterways, and wildlife that call these wetlands home.

Somehow it's been six months since we moved into the witchy cottage on 6th. Every place has its own magic and mood, and we're all, to some degree, influenced by the spaces we inhabit. I've been shifting things around in the house, as I tend to do, and the house has inevitably been shifting things in me.

The Witch On 6th is a product of this space, of these walls, and of these landscapes. It is a curated collection inspired by the magic of summer storms, marsh trails, mangrove islands, and tropical forests.

The Witch On 6th - Check out the full collection HERE.

Canvas Tote Bag Featuring Full-Color Artwork by Letisia Cruz
Tote Bag featuring artwork from The Lost Girls Book Of Divination available at The Witch On 6th

Carry all your divination tools on the trail or your favorite poetry book to the beach in this cute tote bag featuring #artwork from The Lost Girls Book Of Divination. Now available at The Witch On 6th.

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A march girl exhaling birds into the swamp
The Witch On 6th sticker

Florida has more cypress forests than any other state. Did you know the horizontal roots of cypress trees grow “knees” above the waterline? These protrusions help the cypress gather oxygen in wet habitats. Include these and other romantic facts for your loved one on this full-color folded note card featuring artwork by Letisia Cruz.

A marsh girl with flowing hair sitting in the swamp.
Cypress Notecards available at The Witch On 6th


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